P.P Arnold

Portrait - P.P Arnold 2015

Huile/toile 116X81cm

Here is just what I felt when I saw this painting. I realized that it simply represented my inner fights and the harsh events I had to cope with in my life ; and that made me sad. This is the same sadness I perceive in the eyes of the young and innocent PP.

I can honestly say that I’ve been attacked by evil during my all life long. And this portrait perfectly represents the tortures my soul went through.

I really appreciated the fact that you were deeply touched by my own feelings.

Today I feel proud of myself, just like the victorious and brave soldier I’ve turned into so as to be able to transcend and survive.

The first solo I used to sing when I was 4 was a song entitled « we are soldiers in the army » and now I look like a courageous soldier in your portrait. I fortunately had the chance to fight and win those battles and tragedies, to become happy at last…

Through all our conversations, I always wanted to understand what you were feeling when you painted this canvas.

I’m deeply honored by your choosing myself as your model, and this image has a very strong impact on me.

Well done!


Patricia Ann Cole, November 19th 2015